World Cup Soccer: USA vs. England 1-1 Draw

World Cup Goal
Photo from CNN
The World Cup Soccer match today between the USA and England resulted in a 1-1 draw, but what an amazing victory for the USA who wasn't expected to put up much of a fight.


When the USA's Clint Dempsey unexpectedly scored a goal, my husband yelled so loudly l felt the house shake.

The ball, which didn't even look like it had much power, slipped right through the hand's of England's goalie, Robert Green. Poor Green!

I'm not much a soccer fan, or sports fan at all for that matter, but I love the spirit of the World Cup, and I was thrilled ot see the USA hold their own against England.

Next up for Team USA: a match against Slovenia in Johannesburg

What did you think of the World Cup match between USA and England?

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