'True Blood': The Supernaturals of Bon Temps

In this season of True Blood, we'll be introduced to at least one more supernatural creature in Sookie Stackhouse's world when we meet werewolf Alcide Herveaux.

So let's count -- in the little town of Bon Temps, there are shape-shifters, vampires, werewolves, and a maenad even made an appearance last season.

It makes you think anything could be possible -- even dim-witted Jason can't help but ponder in the trailer below if there's a Bigfoot or, ooo, Santa?


Now if you've read the book series, you may have a good idea if we can expect to see more supes crawling out of the woodwork or not (though you can't assume ... the show doesn't go straight by the books).

Are any of our beloved characters hiding a secret identity? Let's guess:

  • Lettie Mae Thornton: Tara's mom is absolutely crazy. She thought she had a demon inside of her last season, but I think she may possibly be a demon.
  • Terry Bellefleur: I'm not entirely convinced that Terry came back from the Iraq War completely human.
  • Lafayette Reynolds: He is notorious for being a drug dealer, but I can see him practicing some witch magic as well. 
  • Andy Bellefleur: He is in denial too much of Sookie's supernatural ability. It makes me suspicious that he's hiding something.
  • Adele Stackhouse: Sookie's grandmother was killed, but maybe she's an angel?

Do you think any of our favorite characters have an alter-ego? Do you predict any other supernaturals being introduced to the show?

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