'Bethenny Getting Married': Let's Hope She Stays Married

Bethenny Frankel
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I was excited for the premiere of Bethenny Getting Married. Bethenny Frankel has always been one of my favorite housewives, and I couldn't wait to see more of her and her new life as a pregnant fiance.

I wasn't disappointed, but I wasn't in love with the show either. I think it holds enough promise to hold my interest for at least another couple of episodes, but it's got to deliver a little more if it's going to take up space on my DVR.

During most of this first episode, I found myself fearing for the future of her relationship with Jason.


Like I said, I'm a Frankel fan, and I adore Jason. Them together, however ... I just don't know. I hope it's editing and the need for drama to perpetuate a weekly show, but they really seem to be on two different proverbial pages of almost every book in the library.

He doesn't want her to have a straight male assistant. "How would you like it if I had a 19-year-old nanny, a Brazilian nanny?" he asks.

"Good, she could wax me. Perfect!" responds the quick-witted Frankel, who then proceeds to hire cute and straight Max.

He likes people around; she doesn't. He wants to be "down there" when the baby is born; she's horrified by the idea. He mentions having a second baby, and she responds: "Second one? We're not having a second one. Second what? A second contraction?"

Then there are their family histories, which couldn't be more diverse. I know opposites attract, but ... Frankel says Jason comes from "nice, good, simple people."

She, however, had a different experience. "I was raised in a cave by animals and wolves, and at the race track and gambling and drinking when I was 7 and going to nightclubs when I was 14. My life was a total circus, and Jason's was a poetry reading."

Also of note, Frankel has been engaged three times and was married"/years ago" for about seven months.

There are some very raw moments when Frankel sees a therapist and discusses her tragic family life. The fact that she has risen above her circumstances and found such success in life despite it all makes me like her even more. And it makes me want it all to work for her even more.

There were definitely sweet moments between Bethenny and Jason, like during the ring-shopping scene, and I'm sure there are many more off-camera. During The Real Housewives of New York City reunion earlier in the evening, she seemed blissfully happy as a new mother and wife.

I hope they prove all my fears wrong and grow old together adoring sweet little baby Bryn all the while.

What did you think of Bethenny Getting Married?

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