John Stamos Joins 'Glee' Cast

John Stamos
Photo by Splash News
After last night's bittersweet Glee finale, gleeks already have something to look forward to for next season.

John Stamos is joining the cast!


Remember in last night's episode when Emma mentioned she was dating a dentist? Well, might as well call Stamos Dr. Love because he's going to be the one playing that part.

Oooh, I can already picture the sing-offs between him and Will, crooning for Emma's heart while Sue Sylvester runs around in her tracksuit commenting on both of their hairstyles.

And don't worry, Uncle Jesse's singing resume goes way beyond Jesse and the Rippers. Not only has he done a slew of Broadway musicals, but he's also toured for years with the Beach Boys. Yes, THE Beach Boys. He will fit in with the cast just fine.

Is it fall yet?

What do you think of Uncle Jesse joining the cast?

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