My 5 Favorite ‘Glee’ Performances: Will Tonight’s Finale Top Them?

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There's little glee in hearts of Glee fans as the hit show's season comes to a close, and we look at a summer schedule with a gaping hole on Tuesday nights. (Sorry, but Jersey Couture just isn't going to cut it.) But until then there's anticipation of what's to come on the season finale tonight.

It's been an amazing season so far, so it will be interesting to see if they can top what we've seen to date. Of course there are spoilers out there that will tell you what happens if you can't wait, but wouldn't you rather experience it first in all its glory? It's your decision, of course, but while you ponder your patience, or lack thereof, here are my five favorite scenes from Glee:


1. "Proud Mary" This was such a brilliantly choreographed performance. I think of this scene every time I hear the song now.

2. "Don't Stop Believing" So inspiring, so emotional, so Glee.

3. The episode with Lady Gaga songs is arguably the best episode to date. The crew's performance of "Bad Romance" was good, good, good.

4. "Like a Virgin" Madonna on Glee, how much more perfect could it be? Well, if Madge actually made an appearance on the show, that would be more perfect, but the cast's ode to her was great regardless.

5. Finally, I have to give it up for "Push It." It was hysterical, plain and simple.

What are your favorite Glee performances?

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