‘Kate Plus 8’ Recap: The Gosselins Seem Better but Boring

Kate Plus 8
Photo from tlc.discovery.com
It was two hours of Kate Gosselin and her eight kids tonight, with no Jon in sight.

First up was Kate Plus 8, which showed her Florida adventure at Discovery Cove to celebrate the sextuplets' sixth birthdays.  

Besides a very forced-feeling reunion between the show's producers and the kids, life in the Gosselin house seems better, less chaotic. The "little kids" are older and easier to manage, and Kate seems a little softer and more comfortable ... well, except when she was trouncing through the airport in four-plus-inch heels with eight kids in tow (that looked anything but comfortable).


They went to Orlando, were met by penguins at the airport, swam with the dolphins, saw an alligator, had a birthday party and an overall lovely time with only a few temper tantrums and small stomach bug to deal with. A far cry from the drama of their trip to Utah when the children were younger.

Actually, the whole hour was deplete of any real drama at all.  

Next up, was another one-hour special, Inside Kate's World, that looked at her life during the past year.

"For 2010 I'm going ahead, and it's going to get better" she vowed.

She talked about her hair extensions (they were just a way to grow out her hair), her stint on Dancing with The Stars ("every part of it was great") and juggling career and kids ("It's starting to feel more manageable.")

Of her relationship with Jon Gosselin, she said they're in a better place now.

"At this very moment, things are peaceful. He's agreeing to (a schedule involving) every other weekend and dinner nights. I think that's a perfect amount of time (with the kids)," Kate said. "The custody mess has been dropped by him and so I think he's realized that it's best that they're at home in their house where they belong, with me the majority of the time. At this moment, it's peaceful."

I'm glad they're finally finding some peace and truly hope they keep it for their children's sake. Those kids don't need any more drama in their lives ... but I need at least a little of it in a show, especially if I'm going to devote two hours to it.

Did you watch the Kate Gosselin specials last night? Thoughts?

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