Julia Stiles Joins 'Dexter' Cast: What Role Do You Think She'll Play?

Photo from Showtime
It's official. Julia Stiles is joining the cast of Dexter. And not some wimpy, one-episode guest appearance. She's signed on to play a major role for all 13 episodes of season 5.

Heck yeah!

But the actual part she will play is still being kept super top secret. Here are my thoughts (spoiler warning if you didn't see the finale for last season, which, if you have not, you need to watch immediately).

  • She's someone from Rita's family: Since Rita's murder (though I'm still holding out hope it was a dream sequence), Dexter will need help raising the family.
  • Counselor: Dexter is likely going to be even more screwed up then he already is after the unexpected death of his wife. He'll need help.
  • New co-worker: They bring her on to cover Rita's murder case since she doesn't know Dexter and his family, therefore, won't be emotionally involved.
  • Lawyer: According to the previews for next season, Dexter is a suspect for Rita's murder, so he'll need a good lawyer.
  • Nanny: Someone's gotta watch the kids while Dexter's at work. 

Do you think this is a good casting? What role do you think she'll play?

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