Kate Gosselin May Have to Stop Overworking and Underpaying Her Children

kate gosselin kate plus eightIs it any coincidence that just as new episodes of Kate Gosselin's TLC show, Kate Plus Eight, are about to air, new child labor legislation is proposed in Pennsylvania?

We think not.

The bill doesn't specifically mention Gosselin's reality show, but her brother and sister-in-law -- who have long maintained that the Gosselin kids are overworked and underpaid -- were in the front row when it was unveiled.

So you do the math.


Here are the provisions of the proposed child labor legislation:

  • Limits on work hours for any working child involved in the entertainment industry (including reality TV).
  • Broader definitions of "work," which would now include autograph signings, special appearances, and tapings (even when the filming is occurring at home).
  • The involvement of "set teachers" -- state certified teachers who also act as child advocates -- with any production involving children.
  • Earnings would be the sole property of the working child.
  • Employers would put 15% of a child's earnings aside in a trust fund that even the parents couldn't touch.

Unshockingly, Kevin and Jodi Kreider (Kate's aforementioned brother and sister-in-law) are champions of the bill. They claim that they wanted to "use their unique perspective" for "something very positive." And, although the Kreiders are notorious for attacking Kate for "exploiting" her children, it looks at least on the surface like this bill has the best interest of the children at heart.

New episodes of Kate Plue Eight begin Sunday, June 6 at 9/8C.

Do you think if passed this legislation will have any affect on the format of Kate Plus Eight? Are you going to watch the show on Sunday?

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