‘The Real Housewives of NY’ Finale Recap: Jill Zarin Grovels, The Countess Flops

Real Housewives of NY finale
Photo from bravotv.com
It was a tear-filled finale for The Real Housewives of New York.

The first tears fell when Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel met up for lunch and Jill tried to appear sincere in her apology, even offering up potato latkes she made as some sort of pathetic penance.

"I feel like we were married and now we're separated, and I don't want to be separated," Zarin blubbered through inches of eye makeup.

"Well, divorce can be ugly," Frankel quickly quipped.


Thank God she didn't buy into Jill's B.S. and nailed it when she said, "I think the tides turning on Jill are the reason why we're sitting here having this conversation."  

Bingo!  Jill liked being a "good" girl, but since her true inner biatch has been repeatedly revealed she hasn't been a fan of the fallout. Her apologies and new self-awakening ring hollow of anything but self-serving intentions.

"Let me know how you like the potato latkes," were Zarin's parting words to Frankel.

The next tears that came were tears of laughter (or perhaps pain) as The Countess performed her song "Money Can't Buy You Class" live.

The only thing possibly more uncomfortable than her performance was watching Kelly Bensimon stumble at singing along and hearing pseudo-housewife Jennifer Gilbert say  LuAnn's performance was like like "early Madonna".

Uh, maybe when Madge was 2, but she still probably sounded better. And help us all, deLesseps is coming out with a second song: "Chic C'est La Vie (Life is Chic)."

Jill did some more groveling as she went to see Ramona before the big vow-renewal ceremony to apologize for her surprise crash on "Poison Island" last week. I was too distracted by the bumpit Jill was sporting and canvas bag plastered with her own picture she was toting to really register much of what she said. Basically, it was the same hollow, save-face stuff.

Finally, there were happy tears as Ramona and Mario renewed the vows in a heartfelt ceremony. It really was a very sweet affair, no matter how indulgent and random after 17 years.

The reunion previews for next week ... not so sweet at all. I can't wait!

What did you think of The Real Housewives of New York finale?

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