Where Should 'The Real Housewives' Go Next?

kelly bensimon real housewives of new york
Photo from BravoTV
We've seen outrageous behavior from the Real Housewives in New York City (Sonja got a DWI, and Kelly went crazy); New Jersey (Bouncers at a charity event!); Orange County; and Atlanta. Is it so wrong that we'd like to expand the field a bit, and see where the intersection of dreadful women and far-flung locations can take us?

Here are some suggestions for new cities where the Bravo reality show can go:


Real Housewives of LA:
Everyone in LA has a friend in the industry. Third-tier celebs would wash up on this show's shores every episode. Plus, the arguments over neighborhoods, boat-sized SUVs, and private schools -- nobody would believe the ridiculousness that is everyday life in the City of Angels. Surriously.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Utah:
They don't drink, they don't smoke -- what do they do? After watching all those seasons of Big Love, I'm hungry for some real insight into Mormon culture. Can you imagine if they found the real-life equivalent of Bill and his wives, butting up against more main-line folks? The only thing better would be if they could do the Real Housewives of Midwood, Brooklyn, and broadcast the Orthodox Jewish moms I used to hang with. People would plotz!

Real Housewives of Nome, Alaska:
An entire season of Sarah Palins. On second thought, NOOOOO!

Real Housewives of Berkeley:
Look, I live in San Francisco, and we're just not that interesting. We've got the normal ratio of granola-heads, and it turns out gay dads and lesbian moms act like everyone else. Distressing lack of Modern Family-style hilarity. However, I spent a few heady months on the Berkeley Parents email list, and boy howdy! My neighbors across the bay are the best source over for anti-vax, breastfeeding-till-age-8 drama fits! I'd tune in to see the Birkenstocks fly.

Real Housewives of Greenwich, Connecticut:
Let's take a trip to the ultimate Wasp-y enclave, where rudeness is greeted with tight lips and a highball glass of gin and tonic. Let me tell you, for me that would be exotic.

Where would you like to see the Real Housewives go? (Besides down Niagara Falls in a barrel, that is.)

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