I Hate SpongeBob SquarePants Even if He Is Named One of the Greatest TV Characters

SpongeBob SquarePants
Photo from spongebob.nick.com
Homer Simpson is one thing, but SpongeBob SquarePants voted as one of the 10 greatest film and TV characters of the past 20 years? Sadly, it's true, at least according to a recent list from Entertainment Weekly.

While Homer took first place honors in the list of 100, the others in the top 10 include: Harry Potter, Tony Soprano, Batman villain The Joker, Jennifer Aniston's Friends character Rachel Green, Johnny Depp's Edward Scissorhands, Hannibal Lecter, and Carrie Bradshaw.

How SpongeBob and Carrie Bradshaw can be on the same list, I'll never understand. I find nothing great about him; in fact, I simply hate that guy/animal/creature/whatever he is.


My 6-year-old son isn't allowed to watch the show  "unless we're staying at Embassy Suites" ... because there was this one time in Atlanta when there was nothing else on television,  and I needed to occupy my son while I took a shower ... or something like that. While I'm a little unclear on why I actually broke my ban on the show, my son is very clear ever since that he wants to stay at Embassy Suites again so he can watch SpongeBob again.

I find the whole show creepy and annoying, and the few times I've flipped it on, it's just been so ... worthless. While I'm not a huge fan of television for children, I do see value in some of the more educational shows. My son learned a whole lot from shows like Sesame Street and Little Einsteins, but SpongeBob offers nothing good.

They use words like "stupid," "idiot," and "moron"; there's lots of bathroom humor (which no one needs more of); and generally they're just mean to one another.  A neighbor told me she can see a difference in the way her son acts after watching the show, and it's not for the better -- it's more aggressive, more sarcastic, and combative.

Maybe for older children it's OK, but for the younger children drawn to it, I'm not a fan. And for our summer vacation this year, I'm avoiding Embassy Suites.

Do you let your children watch SpongeBob SquarePants? Do you think he belongs on this list of greatest characters?

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