‘The Hills’ Recap: Justin Bobby Is Back … and a Drummer

The Hills
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The lesson from this week's episode of The Hills: Old flames don't die easily.

Old flame #1: Justin Bobby. The grungy-gross-yet-sexy bad boy has toyed with Audrina's heart for so long, it's almost pathetic. But just almost, because there's definitely something between the two of them, some chemistry that makes me root for them to be together even though logically I know he's an ass.


Meanwhile there sits faithful Ryan Cabrera who is utterly devoted to Audrina, even though there's zero evidence of chemistry between the two.

The biggest shocker of the episode is that Justin Bobby is a drummer in a band that just happens to play when Audrina is at the Viper Room scouting bands for work. How J.B. has been on the show this long with no one knowing he's a drummer is inexplicable. Even Lo said, "I thought that was a joke."

But it's no joke; Justin is actually GOOD, which, of course, only makes him sexier to Audrina. She then deliberately omits mention of seeing Justin when she recounts the night to Cabrera. When she sees Justin Bobby out the next evening (when Cabrera is conveniently out of town), they're more than a little flirtatious with each other. *Sigh.* The nice guy is going to lose again, I'm afraid.

Old flames #2 and #3: Brody and Kristin: As hot as I find Brody Jenner, there's no getting around the fact that he's just an ass too.

He clearly likes Kristin, but doesn't want to give up his playing ways. So he brings other girls into the mix, strings Kristin along, then makes her feel like she should have known they were just friends. And poor new girl McKaela is caught up in the mess when it's clear that the flame between Kristin and Brody is far from extinguished ... even though he keeps telling her it is.

The whole time I'm watching Brody with any of these girls, all I can think of is Avril Lavigne sitting back watching, singing her song, "Girlfriend." Hey, hey, you, you, I don't like your girlfriend ... I so hope they keep filming until she gets in the mix.

What are your thoughts on this week's episode of The Hills?

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