Heidi and Spencer's Pastor Speaks: The Split *Must* Be for Real!

heidi montag and spencer pratt
Photo from MTV
When I heard that reality TV couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were separating, two words popped into my head: Publicity stunt.

After all, this news was immediately followed by an announcement that Heidi and Jennifer Bunney will be launching a new reality show this summer. Staging a fake split to publicize a new show? That's not something I'd put past the Plastic Surgery Queen.

But now I'm not so sure, especially because Heidi and Spencer's pastor -- Pastor Twining Campbell -- went on the record talking about their separation. A man of the cloth probably shouldn't lie in public, so if he's talking about their break, then it must be real, right?


Pastor Campbell of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, California, married the pair last April. He told RadarOnline that he thinks the couple's relationship has been strained because of the "high-profile line of work." (I guess that's one way to look at it.)

He also recommended the couple get counseling before splitting, and said that he's praying for their relationship. He said:

I believe they can get through these problems and enjoy a long, wonderful marriage.

Well, that makes exactly one of us.

Unfortunately for us, tonight's episode of The Hills isn't expected to shed any light on the Montag-Pratt situation; the sneak peeks focus only on McKaela and Brody and Audrina and Ryan ... boring. Although, Justin Bobby is coming back ...

Do you think Heidi and Spencer's split is real or a cry for attention?

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