'The Real Housewives of NYC' Recap: Kelly Tells Her Side of the Story, Jill's Contrite

real housewives of new york kelly
Flickr photo by STYLEMOM
When are we going to get off this island???

This week on The Real Housewives of New York, Jill crashes the crazy party. You know, the one where Ramona is celebrating renewing her vows by having a weekend bachelorette party on the Virgin Islands and on a yacht. And Kelly loses her s**t in so many ways that it becomes sad, even though you still hate that whack job of a lady for being so completely clueless.

Alex said what I was thinking about Kelly as a mom, and as a human being, "She can't just go around in her real life behaving like she did on vacation." Sadly, she does.

So Jill decided it was a good idea to add some more drama. But no sooner than Jill arrived, Alex starts to hyperventilate (and right in the middle of her mani/pedi!) so Ramona kicks Jill to the curb of her private plane. Then Ramona has to cradle and rock Alex back to her happy place.


Penis size discussion ensues over dinner, S&M bridal shower gifts are exchanged. What a way to spend the last night at poison island!

I was actually looking forward to hearing Kelly’s side of the St. John escapade, but the luncheon with new housewife(?), Jennifer Gilbert, Jill, and LuAnn was seriously disappointing. Kelly just cannot make sense even if someone held a gun to her head. Refreshingly, LuAnn and Jill put partisan politics aside and agreed that Kelly was indeed a kook-a-doodle-doo.

Meanwhile, over at Sonja’s house. Simon and Alex vogue. Bethenny is there as well and fills in LuAnn on what she missed in the Virgin Islands. Ramona comes equipped with Gaga boobs. They all retire upstairs to discuss Kelly’s psychosis until Sonja reminds them they are not the most important people in the room and she must go introduce Opera Man, who ends the segment with “The Barber of Seville.”

Jill’s gala kicks off at the Bryant Park ice rink. You know Kelly is seriously mentally ill because Ramona of the crazy eyes and poor impulse control actually pulls back when Kelly attacks and you can see Ramona thinking, Don’t be mean to the crazy person.

Finally, Jill realizes she was a total douche to Bethenny and calls her up in the middle of her holiday party on ice. Bethenny agrees to lunch, which means you MUST tune in next week.

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