Farewell Simon Cowell: 9 Things We'll Miss About the 'American Idol' Judge

Simon Cowell
Photo from AmericanIdol.com
I'm ticked about the outcome of American Idol, so let's just focus on the fact that it was Simon Cowell's last episode, shall we?


What better way to pay tribute the founding father of Idol than by a friendly roasting? During last night's finale, they played a montage of poor acting by Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson, and the rest of the gang showing us just how much they're not going to miss him (though we know they will). They also included snippets by Dane Cook and Ricky Gervais that were supposed to be funny (I think), a return of Paula Abdul rambling because that's what she does, and a final song sung by former Idol winners. How sweet.

Is it just me or did you find the former Idol tryout Kanye West-ing the stage saying, “Nobody cares, it’s all about Ian Benardo tonight. I’m going to replace you, Simon Cowell" to be the best part?

Regardless if you loved or hated him, you have to admit that American Idol just won't be the same without Simon. Here are the top nine things we'll miss most about the grumpy Brit:

  1. His harsh honesty, shattering the dreams of thousands of hopefuls.
  2. His willingness to listen to anyone who auditions ... even if they're dressed as a giant pink bunny.
  3. How he's always groping his own boobies.
  4. The sweat stains that are so blatantly obvious on his tees. 
  5. The raised eyebrow. It says so much without saying a word.
  6. His snarky ability to compare bad singing to practically anything.
  7. The overuse of the word "genuinely."
  8. The bromantic love/hate relationship with Ryan Seacrest.
  9. His ambition: Even if the Idol winner is never heard of again, he's always on the hunt for the next big star.

Will you miss Simon on American Idol?

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