Who Won 'American Idol'? Really? Fans Complain About the Voting Process ...

After weeks and weeks of writing about single mom Crystal Bowersox nailing performance after performance, I'm literally shocked that Lee DeWyze won the ninth season of American Idol.

Indeed, it's true: The paint store worker from Chicago (yay Chicago!) bested the early favorite Bowersox in what several blogs are calling a "stunning upset."

But not all fans are so happy about his win ...


Comments on many forums show that most people believe Bowersox to be the better performer -- by a long shot. Many fans are grumbling that the show has become a "popularity contest" rather than a contest that recognizes the best talent; they're arguing that if more adults had voted (instead of kids and teenagers), the better performer would have rightfully won.

And many are betting that Mamasox will outsell DeWyze -- in much the same way Adam Lambert has outsold last year's AI winner, Kris Allen.

I might be inclined to agree with these spoiler sports if I wasn't so very ... well ... shocked at the outcome!

Who do you think should have won American Idol: Lee or Crystal?

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