‘American Idol' Finale Recap: Crystal Bowersox Is Back and Better than Ever

Crystal Bowersox
Photo from americanidol.com
After a few weeks of just pretty good, the Crystal Bowersox everyone fell in love with was back and better than ever on the finale of American Idol. Not only did she blow Lee DeWyze out of the water, but she blew (in the best sense possible) with all the emotion and strength that make her such an incredible artist.

I still love Lee; America loves Lee. He's a good guy and a great singer. But his nerves tonight may have given way to Crystal's win. It was definitely her night, and the judges acknowledged as much.


As Simon said after Lee's first performance of "The Boxer": "That was a kiss on the cheek when I want a kiss on the lips ... there's got to be a bit more." DeWyze's subsequent performances of "Everybody Hurts" and "Beautiful Day" were better, but still not his best.

Bowersox provided a full make-out session with incredible performances of both "Bobby McGee" and "Black Velvet."

But it was with her final song "Up to the Mountain" where she really stepped ahead. Simon gave the performance his final Idol critique ever: "That was outstanding."  

(Am I only one that teared up thinking about Simon's seat being taken over by someone else?)

If America votes based on the performances tonight, Crystal Bowersox just won American Idol. But Lee, oh likable Lee, could really pull in the votes, so I think anything could happen in the end.

Who do you want to win American Idol? Who do you think will?  



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