'Dancing With the Star' Finale: If Nicole Scherzinger Wins, Will You Be Pissed?

nicole scherzinger
Photo from ABC

It is entirely unacceptable for anyone to be surprised that Nicole Scherzinger, Evan Lysacek, and Erin Andrews are the three remaining celebrities heading into tonight's Dancing With the Stars finale. After all, the three finalists all had some sort of dancing experience prior to the show -- especially Scherzinger. Here to complain about the unfair advantage is one of the all-time biggest DWTS fans ...


So who is this huge DWTS fan you ask?

Well, conveniently for me, it's my mom. Don't laugh: She's religiously watched the show from the beginning. In fact, I'd even go as far as to call her a "DWTS expert." And she's agreed to an exclusive interview on The Stir.

Like many DWTS fans, my mother is annoyed that Nicole is on the show to begin with because -- I probably don't have to remind you -- she is a professional dancer. As my mom points out, "In almost every dance, she does the splits!" (The splits evidently signifies extreme dancing prowess to a non-dancer like my mom.) There's no excuse for her not to win.

So why is prior dancing experience so offensive to some fans? My mom grumbles:

She had an unfair advantage from day one ... When I first watched the show the contestants were all amateurs, and it was so cute because every started out on the same level. But now it's so competitive. The show has really gotten away from the original theme.

(My adorable mother also wishes the dancing was "nicer" and is disturbed by the tendency for the contestants to "take their clothes off while they are dancing". But that's fodder for another time, another post.)

Her criticism is valid, however: The concept of the show is non-professional dancers learning how to dance. And even though Erin and Evan have "danced" in some capacity before -- dance team and figure skating respectively -- neither have as much experience and training as Nicole.

This won't be the first time a celebrity with prior dance experience has won (see: Drew Lachey, Kristi Yamaguchi, among others); but, should Nicole take home the top prize, it will be the first time a professional dancer has won the amateur contest. How will fans take the news? Might this be the beginning of the end of fans love affair with DWTS? If my mom's reaction is any indication, I shudder to think what could happen to the show.

My mom's going to be pissed if Nicole Scherzinger wins DWTS -- will you?

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