'24' Finale Recap: Not a Goodbye, Just a See You Later

24 finale jack bauer
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The 24 series finale might not have been planned as far in advance as the Lost finale, but it did not disappoint. It closed up enough of the plot to make it a finale, but left enough open for the 24 movie, which might presumably use some of this season’s storyline.

The two-hour finale starts with Jack Bauer gearing up to kill the Russian President Suvarov after learning of his involvement in Omar Hassan’s murder and the cover-up that left Renee Walker dead. It’s probably not necessary to say that major spoilers are ahead, but they are, so read the rest at your own risk!


While Jack is setting up for his showdown with Suvarov, IRK President Dalia Hassan also finds out that the Russian government was involved in her husband’s murder and turns to US President Taylor. Once President Hassan makes it clear that she won’t sign the peace agreement until she figures out exactly what’s going on, President Taylor tells her everything. President Hassan says she’ll tell everyone what happened and, in a desperate move, President Taylor threatens to release the information about the IRK officials’ attempted attack against the US, giving her grounds to declare war against the IRK. President Hassan walks off, but ends up going along with President Taylor, having to work with the man responsible for her husband’s death in order to save her country from war.

Meanwhile, Chloe finds out where Jack is and goes to stop him, telling Cole that if he doesn’t hear from her in 20 minutes, he can send a tac team in. We see Jack making a video of explanation and apology for somebody, possibly his daughter Kim. Shortly thereafter, Chloe comes in and Jack uses his standard sleeper hold to get her out of the way. With a gun pointed at former President Logan, Jack tells him to get President Suvarov there so that Jack can kill him. When Chloe wakes up, she urges Jack to stop and turn in the recording he has instead. Insisting that Renee wouldn't want Jack to spark a war with Russia in her name, Jack backs off when Suvarov is in his line of vision. He gives the data card to Chloe and gets her to shoot him so they won’t suspect that she has the evidence. She does so just as the tag team arrives and manages to hide the evidence long enough to get away for a bit, only to have Logan’s lackey, Jason Pillar, realize what’s going on within minutes and have her and Cole arrested.

President Logan gives the data card to President Taylor and we learn that this isn’t the evidence against President Suvarov, but actually the tape he was making for Kim (or somebody ...). Either way, President Taylor is moved enough to get her conscience back. She doesn’t sign the peace agreement and then tries to stop the hit on Jack. When President Logan and his lackey Pillar learn this, Logan kills Pillar and then shoots himself as well. President Taylor reinstates Chloe as head of CTU, and Chloe finds out where they’ve taken Jack, using a drone to get in contact with them just as they’re about to kill Jack. President Taylor tells Jack that she’s coming clean with everything and turning herself in, telling Jack that he has to leave the country while he still has the chance. The series ends with a tearful conversation between Chloe and Jack in which she promises to keep Kim safe, and Jack thanks her for everything she’s done for him over the years. Clock counts down to zero, and it’s done.

There are a few things left open at the end of the finale, namely that the two main pieces of evidence against President Suvarov are missing: Dana Walsh’s recording and the various recordings Jack made after planting a wire on former President Logan. We’re also left wondering whether or not President Logan survived his attempted suicide. Don’t know about you, but some thought this season would end in a showdown between Jack and Logan, because he was responsible for the death of so many of Jack’s friends, including President Palmer way back in season 3. Are they leaving this open intentionally to have some more cat and mouse games between them for the 24 movie? All we can do now is wait and see… oh, and read every piece of news that comes out about the movie so we can start counting down.

What did you think of the series finale of 24?

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