A New Arrival and Scary Friends: ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Recap

real housewives of NY
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Well, at least this week The Real Housewives of New Jersey provided a tiny taste of the drama I tune in for each week.

There was the arrival of Teresa's fourth daughter, the beautiful Audriana. While her husband Joe wanted a boy, I think a boy in that bustling bevy would have run screaming. A fourth little princess is probably more humane.

Baby Audriana's delivery certainly set the tone for the life she's been born into. In the midst of hard labor, Teresa -- fully decked out with perfect hair and makeup -- was gabbing on phones (land and mobile) to friends and family.


My favorite part came when Jacqueline asks, "Did you make it pretty?"

"My chucky?" Teresa affirms. "Yeah, I tried to shave yesterday, as much as I could see."

Chucky? Is that a NJ term?

There's a whole stripper/car wash thread to the show that's just too insufferable to even mention. Really Bravo, there's nothing better to show us in all those minutes of our time you wasted? The fact that that's what you presented us with makes me fearful for the rest of the show's season.

Speaking of the rest of the season, that's where at least a little hint of the drama to come came.

Danielle was asked to attend a charity event that the other Housewives will attend. She fears "the bullies" will do some unexplained something to her, so she seeks protection -- from some ex-cons, including friend "Danny."

"Danny I believe knows a lot of people, for reasons I would leave it to him to explain. And, um, I respect the hell out of him."

She asks him to accompany her to the event and feels confident his presence will be enough to scare away any aggressive moves by the other women.

"When Danny takes my back, people better be listening. I will not have to say pay attention please anymore. Danny can speak without words." 

Is that a threat?!

Caroline's husband breaks it to her that Danielle is going to be at the upcoming charity event, and Caroline refers to her as "a whole lot of crazy." Then she issues some fighting words: "She knows I think she's garbage, and I will tell her she's garbage to her face as I have in the past, and I'll do it again."

Let the drama begin ... FINALLY!

What did you think of The Real Housewives of NJ last night?

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