‘The Bachelorette’ Premiere Recap: Ali and Roberto Sitting in a Tree …

The Bachelorette
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After the two-hour premiere of The Bachelorette tonight, I'm already ready to call the winner.

The chemistry between Ali Fedotowsky and suave Roberto, an insurance agent from Charleston, South Carolina, was palpable. She was immediately attracted to him. "I like him ... sexy," she said after he got out of the limo. They danced the salsa, and she gave him the first impression rose.  

He's gorgeous and seems really sweet and down to earth, but let's hope he stays that way. Those producers have a funny way of trying to steer us down the wrong path, and the path so clearly led to Roberto tonight, that I fear he's going to do something mean to her.


Speaking of her, I like Ali. She seems like a girls' girl who's smart and determined and, most importantly, I don't find her annoying. Her judgment when it came to the final 15 was pretty good too.

The beginning pool of 25 consisted of several Canadians (are they running out of men in America?) and a confusing flurry of men named John, Chris, and Tyler (and variations of each).

She got rid of some of the obvious idiots like Derrick, who felt the urgent need (pun intended) to explain to her his nickname "Shooter": "I might have like prematurely in college freshman year, accidentally ... so that's how, maybe how ..."

Yep, he really said that.

And though she kept a couple men that have a high annoyance factor (like Jonathan, the weatherman, and Kirk, the creepy scrapbooker), she kept my favorites:

Frank -- the passionate former finance guy who gave up the high-rolling lifestyle to write screenplays in Paris.

Hunter -- the clever crooner from San Antonio who played the ukulele.

Chris L. -- the former NY teacher who moved back to Cape Cod to be with his dying mother.  

At one point during the mingling portion of the show, the guys were asked to sniff out the rats among their fellow contestants and gallantly write down the name of any guy they thought wasn't there for the right reason. One guy got an overwhelming number of votes: Justin, the pro wrestler (a.k.a. Rated R).

Ali was asked to choose to send him home or not, and she chose to keep him. I don't think he's the man for her, but I also didn't see any huge red flags from him either ... yet.

Previews for the rest of the season are filled with lots of drama, tears, and apparent heartbreak, so there's no knowing what will happen. But still, based on tonight alone, if I was a betting girl, I would totally put my money on Roberto and Ali standing together at the end.

Did you watch The Bachelorette premiere? What are your predictions for the season?

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