'24' Season Finale Tonight: The Clock Stops Ticking

24 Jack Bauer
Photo from fox.com
After eight seasons, the clock will stop ticking for Jack Bauer tonight on the series finale of 24.

You may or may not have watched the series all along, but few can say they've never heard of 24 and at least know its basic premise -- each episode is in "real-time" and shows one hour in a 24-hour period with a clock in the corner counting down the minutes

Hampton Stevens of The Atlantic calls it "the most influential drama of all time."


"There isn't even a close second. No other series -- not The Sopranos, The Wire, Hill Street Blues, or ER, has had a tenth of the cultural impact," he states. "There simply has never been another protagonist as loved and hated as Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer -- lambasted by a Brigadier General and defended by a Supreme Court Judge. There has never been another television show that so profoundly and directly influenced how this nation fights a war."

For those who have followed the show, there are many questions as to what will happen in the final hours and how many people will die tonight.

USA Today says things "get even nuttier tonight as Jack plans his final revenge." Besides being a bit "odd," they say tonight's two-hour finale is "fairly exciting and maybe even satisfying two hours of TV." They also hint about a memorable moment between Jack and Chloe.

One thing that remains fairly certain though is that Bauer will continue to defy death and come out of his violent escapades OK, because they've already announced 24, the movie.

Will you watch the 24 finale tonight?



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