Bret Michaels Wins “The Celebrity Apprentice”

Bret Michaels
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In an incredibly inspiring and emotional finale, Bret Michaels was named winner of this season's The Celebrity Apprentice.

"Bret, I have to tell you, you're hired," The Donald proclaimed.

Though Michaels's plane had to land briefly in Nashville en route to New York today because he was "complaining of a headache, lower back pain and some cramping in his legs", he not only made the finale, but looked strong and amazing during it.


It was just about a month ago that he suffered a brain hemorrhage and then mere days ago that he had a warning stroke and a hole was found in heart. He admitted that his doctors didn't want him to attend the live finale, but he said he "came to win".

And win he did.

Holly Robinson Peete was a gracious runner up, and it seemed she knew Michaels would emerge the winner, tearing up when he made his entrance. Earlier in the show she said her son was on the emotional side of most of America. "Mom, I love you, but I'm kind of rooting for Bret," he told her.  

Both were winners, however, as each of the charities they played for (Peete for the HollyRod foundation and Michaels for the American Diabetes Association) received $250,000.

While I couldn't imagine Bret not winning after all he's been through (I knew Trump had a heart!), I couldn't help but worry for him and wonder if once again he wasn't doing too much too soon.

But Michaels has defied the odds before and continually proves the power of will and determination. I would have never imagined saying it before (especially when Rock of Love was on), but Bret Michaels truly is an inspiration.

Congratulations, Bret.

Did you watch the finale of Celebrity Apprentice?


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