“Jersey Shore 2” Cast Moves Out of Miami

Jersey Shore cast
Photo from mtv.com
Watch our New Jersey, the cast of Jersey Shore may be headed back to their home state. TMZ reports that filming of the Miami portion of the show's second season is complete, and the cast headed for the airport this weekend.


For weeks Snookie, Pauli D. "The Situation", JWoww and the rest of the guidos and guidettes wreaked havoc in Miami. From bar fights to praying on local women, the cast certainly left its mark.

Filming for season two will resume back in New Jersey around July 4. The season premiere will are July 29, and I'm ridiculously excited to see just how much crazier they can all get.

Speculation as to what we may see includes Snookie and JWoww kissing (wow!), and the addition of some new cast members.

Will you watch Jersey Shore 2?

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