Kelly Bensimon Denies Breakdown; Bethenny Frankel Says It Was Worse Than What We Saw

Bethenny Frankl and Kelly Bensimon
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Though her erratic behavior on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York suggests otherwise, Kelly Bensimon denies she had a breakdown.

Instead, she told Vulture she believes it was actually a "breakthrough"/.


"Some people are like, 'You had a breakdown,' and I'm like, no, I had a breakthrough. I just let go, I was crying, just, like, stop harassing. I'm completely honest, I have a ton of integrity, and I love doing this show. The minute that I walk into the room, I create a frenetic energy - it's not kinetic, it's not, like, a forward motion, it's just like this stagnant frenetic energy. And let's be honest, it makes for awesome TV. I mean, haters are part of the ecosystem, and if they're not hating on you, you're not doing something right."

Say what?

She also told Vulture how much the other women on the trip (Bethenny, Ramona, Alex and Sonja) "don't like me" and how "these women get a rise out of me."

Telling Alex she's "channeling a vampire" is a "rise"?

Bensimon also said that during the trip the Caribbean she felt trapped.

"I wasn't able to go get a coffee; I couldn't go for a run. I was on this small boat and this house, and I was so incredibly confined and I was being hated on, and there was no way for me to get out. Help! Help me!"

I was really happy to see Kelly get a chance to explain her behavior after this week's scary episode, and I hoped it would provide some sort of believable explanation for her behavior. But after reading the entire rambling interview, I'm even more convinced that Bensimon needs help and hope it is on the way soon.

Bethenny Frankel took to her blog on to talk about Kelly's apparent breakdown and said that what we as viewers saw was "very tame compared to what actually happened".

"I think that to air the full scope of it would terrify the viewers," Frankl continued. "We were truly terrified ourselves, and I must point out that none of us came home from that trip and told anyone about what went on there. We understood how serious it was and we were all scared. That night when I went to bed, I was legitimately scared for my safety as well as Kelly's. I know Alex felt the same. It was a completely horrendous trip and experience. That is the God's honest truth."

Whose recount do you believe -- Bethenny's or Kelly's?

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