Is the LOST Series Finale Tonight? And Why?

Photo by ABC
The biggest mystery in Lost isn't what will happen in the sideways world when Desmond reunites everyone - but rather: is the 'LOST' series finale on Sunday? And if so, why?

The first answer is a resounding YES.  The LOST Series Finale is playing on Sunday, May 23 (tonight!), at 9PM EDT, and will run for 2 and a half hours - make sure your DVRs don't cut anything off!

A 2 hour clip show will air before the finale, starting at 7PM EDT, you probably won't want to miss that either.

The answer to the second question appears to be some simple TV-industry jockeying...


With American Idol finishing its season this week, the LOST series finale would be competing with the AI finals if it played in its normal time slot.  While Idol hasn't had the best ratings season, it's still a powerhouse, particularly the finals.  ABC simply doesn't want to go head-to-head against another huge show for LOST's finale.

The 2.5-hour coda to the 6 year quasi-scifi drama should be a doozy and we're all looking forward to it.  It's not too late to throw a LOST-themed party, or if you don't have the time, just read through some of the more ridiculous theories about how the show might end. 

And if you haven't started already, any die-hard fan has to spend the rest of today poring over the amazing collection of articles about LOST that has been created about the show on Lostpedia. 

Where will you be watching?  If not, do you even have a television set?!

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