'Grey's Anatomy' Finale: Best One Yet?

Grey's Anatomy finale
Photo from ABC.com
Damn you Grey's Anatomy writers. For the second season in a row, you've given us mediocre storylines each episode, but then you turn around and create an amazing finale, which, of course, hooks me yet again for another season.

**Spoiler Alert**


Last night's two-hour finale was intense, keeping me glued to my couch, not even willing to risk a trip to the bathroom during a commercial. Here are the highlights:

  • Meredith is pregnant with Derek's baby. Yay! But she hasn't had a chance to tell Derek yet. She has asked Christina to be the godmother, which she accepts.
  • Mr. Clark returns, who recently lost his wife after Derek carried out the demands of her DNR. And he's pissed and crazy. Even though Derek is his main target, he's still quick to shoot anyone that crosses his path.
  • Goodbye Mercy Westers. Both Reed and Percy were shot and killed
  • Alex Karev was shot, but manages to live. 
  • Arizona and Callie decide to get back together! Yay!
  • Derek took a bullet right in front of Meredith. And the stress causes her to miscarry the baby. Cue tears.
  • And Owen gets shot. Not a good day for the Seattle Grace boys.

So how does this finale stack up against Grey's finales of the past? Here's a quick look back at the season finales over the years:

Season 1: Derek's wife Addison shows up.

Season 2: This was the season with Denny (loved him). How sad was that moment when the interns find Izzie clinging to Denny's lifeless body? Meredith and Derek reunite physically, and Burke finds a tremor in his right hand.

Season 3: Burke leaves Christina at the alter.

Season 4: Meredith and Derek finish their clinical trial, Izzie helps Alex care for Rebecca, Callie confronts Erica about her feelings, and can't forget the cement boy that caused a bunch of medical drama.

Season 5: The episode ends with both George and Izzie flatlining and meeting up with each other in a heaven-like scene, with no definite indication of whether either or both are dead or alive. Gah!

What'd you think of last night's season finale? Was it the best one yet?


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