Cancelled Television Shows: Programs We Want to Rescue!

Flickr photo by skippyjon
It's that time of year, again: Your favorite television shows have entered the finale season!

To make way for the new shows starting next fall, the networks have started to announce show cancellations.

There were some surprises this year and some old favorites we wish could stick around:


Scrubs: Admittedly, the new format and cast members were not the same as the original Scrubs we knew and loved, but the networks didn't give it much of a chance. So long, JD! We'll miss you and your hilarious daydreams!

Ugly Betty: Despite winning an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and Peabody awards, among others, this show got the ax because of declining viewership. Many fans hoped for a last-minute rescue, but sadly, Betty has left the country and is never coming back.

Numb3rs: This one was a bit of a sleeper, but its emphasis on math and science made it more interesting than your average cop show. Also, it was one of the few decent shows that you could find on Friday nights when tired, old people like me are home watching TV. 

The New Adventures of Old Christine: The writing on this series may not have been stellar, but Julia Louis-Dreyfus is such a funny actress. I really hope she lands another comedy in the future.

Law & Order: Has New York really run out of crimes that they can turn into television episodes? I guess 19 years was enough, but I could have watched it go to an even 25.

What television series would you like to see brought back to life?


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