Hot Men of 'Lost': Where Are They Now?

matthew fox
Photo from ABC
By this time next week, Lost fans will be going through some serious withdrawal. But just because the island adventure is ending doesn't mean we can't still enjoy the hot men on the show -- which is exactly why I've compiled this helpful "Where Are All the Hot Men Now?" list.

Pretty sexist, right? Yeah, but not nearly as sexist as killing off almost all the women on the show and telling one of them (Kate) she couldn't be a candidate because she was a mom.

I've moved passed it; so can you. Without further ado ...


Matthew Fox

  • Played Jack Shepard (duh), hot spinal surgeon.
  • He'll star in the comic book adaptation Billy Smoke (about a hit man seeking redemption) due out later this year.


jeremy davies
Photo from ABC

Jeremy Davies

  • Played Daniel Faraday, hot amnesiac physicist.
  • From what we can tell, Davies hasn't announced any new projects; however, he can be seen on my home television screen when I watch him in Twister over and over again.



Photo from ABC
Naveen Andrews

  • Played Sayid Jarrah, hot communications officer for Iraqi Republican Guard in first Gulf War.
  • He'll make a guest appearance in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on Wednesday, May 26.




josh holloway
Photo from ABC
Josh Holloway

  • Played James "Sawyer" Ford, hot con man/detective depending on which alternative reality we're talking about.
  • He'll be featured in the June issue of Men's Health talking about being a family man.


henry ian cusick
Photo from ABC
Henry Ian Cusick

  • Played Desmond Hume, hot Lance Corporal in the Royal Scots Regiment of the British Army.
  • He recently told the Washington Post he hasn't picked his next project, but don't worry: You can catch him in Hitman (2007) showing Sunday on Telemundo at 10 p.m.


Photo from ABC
Daniel Dae Kim

  • Played Jin-Soo Kwan, hot ... enforcer?
  • He'll star as Chin Ho Kelly in the new CBS show, Hawaii Five-O.



Which Lost character -- male or female -- will you miss the most?

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