'Lost' Guest Stars: Where You Have Seen Them Before

As I've watched Lost for the last six years, I've always been struck by how many flippin' characters they have on the show. I don't mean just the cast of regulars, which I think numbered close to 20 at one time, but the one- (or two-) episode wonders who popped in for a quick guest bit in a back-story and were never seen again, usually because their characters died, as people tend to do on Lost.

So I watch all these shows, see all these guest stars, and know that I've seen them somewhere before, but just can't place where. I hate that, don't you? I bet you do, which is why I'm making this list. Yes, a little late, but life's a bitch sometimes.

Photo from ABC


Mark Pellegrino (pictured above)

Lost character: Busy island god Jacob

Where you've seen him: As the thug who toilet-dunks The Dude (Jeff Bridges) in The Big Lebowski, and as Lucifer on Supernatural.


Swoosie Kurtz

Photo from ABC
Lost character: Emily Locke, mother of John Locke (Terry O'Quinn), who helps con her son into giving his father, Anthony Cooper (Kevin Tighe), a kidney. Thanks, Mom!

Where you've seen her: As Alex on the TV series, Sisters, and recently as Lily on Pushing Daisies.


Kevin Tighe

Photo from ABC
Lost character: Anthony Cooper, con man, kidney thief, and father of John Locke.

Where you've seen him: As paramedic Roy DeSoto in the hit 70s series, Emergency!


Nick Jameson

Photo from ABC
Lost character: Psychic Richard Malkin, who convinced Claire (Emilie de Ravin) to give her baby up for adoption in the U.S., and bought her ticket for Oceanic 815.

Where you've seen him: As Russian president Yuri Suvarov on 24, and in the '70s rock band Foghat.


Veronica Hamel

Photo from ABC
Lost character: Margo Shephard, Jack's long-suffering mother.

Where you've seen her: As Joyce Davenport on the long-running '80s TV series, Hill Street Blues.

Michael Cudlitz

Photo from ABCLost character:
LAPD officer Mike Walton, former partner and admirer of Ana-Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez).

Where you've seen him: As Sgt. "Bull" Randleman on HBO's Band Of Brothers, and Officer John Cooper on Southland.

Fionnula Flanagan

Photo from ABCLost character:
Eloise Hawking, former Other and creepy, homicidal mother of Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies).

Where you've seen her: In The Others, as creepy Mrs. Mills, the housekeeper.


Lance Reddick

Photo from ABC
Lost character:
Mysterious Widmore flunkie Matthew Abaddon, who poses as on orderly to suggest to John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) that he go on a walkabout in Australia. Abaddon also recruits the freighter team that Widmore sends to capture Ben Linus.

Where you've seen him: As Agent Broyles on Fringe, and Lt. Cedric Daniels on The Wire.

Jon Gries

Photo from ABCLost character:
Roger "Workman" Linus, beer-swilling, wife-missing, life-hating father of Ben.

Where you've seen him: As Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite.


Robin Weigert

Photo from ABCLost character:
Rachel Carlson, sickly, infertile sister of fertility doctor Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell), who's apparently not very good at what she does.

Where you've seen her: As Calamity Jane on HBO's Deadwood.


Clancy Brown

Photo from ABC

Lost character: Kelvin Inman, Desmond's one-time hatchmate on the island. He also served in Iraq and manipulated Sayid into torturing his fellow Iraqis for information.

Where you've seen him: A veteran character actor, Brown is the voice of Mr. Krabs on Spongebob Squarepants, and probably best remembered as brutal prison guard Capt. Hadley in The Shawshank Redemption.

Reiko Aylesworth

Photo from ABCLost character:
Amy Goodspeed, wife of Dharma bigwig Horace and mother of future Other Ethan.

Where you've seen her: As CTU Agent Michelle Dressler on the series, 24.


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