Travis Garland’s Awkward ‘American Idol’ Performance

While I watched last night to find out who got kicked off American Idol (even though we all knew who would), it was Travis Garland's performance of "Believe" that was the biggest surprise ... and not necessarily in a good way.

See what you think.


First off, he needs some lip-synch training. Watch him totally miss the lyrics about a minute into the performance.

Second, he needs to get some better dancers. I was incredibly distracted by the girl in the short white shorts and her odd facial expressions -- at first I thought she was just a member of the audience they pulled up on stage. The three-way split screen and jerky camera shots didn't help any.

Despite the somewhat awkward performance, it's clear Garland has some talent and tweens are going crazy for him already.

So who is Travis Garland? He's Perez Hilton's little discovery (a Perezcious music artist), and of course, Perez was front and center on American Idol to take credit for finding the singer on MySpace. Garland, a 20-year-old from Garland, Texas, was a member of the former boy band Not Like Them (NLT) -- Kevin McHale of Glee fame was also in the band.

According to Hilton: "A true talent and an authentic artist, Travis Garland not only sings and dances, but he also wrote 'Believe' and even produced his own vocals on it! Plus, he plays piano too!

Watch out Justin Bieber!

What did you think of Travis Garland's performance on Idol last night?


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