‘American Idol’ Recap: Lee DeWyze Crushes the Competition

Lee DeWyze
Photo from americanidol.com
I've been a Crystal Bowersox fan all the way this season and thought she had it in the bag, but Lee DeWyze knocked the entire bag out her hand tonight with two amazing performances on American Idol that had everyone saying, "Hallelujah!"

First it was the contestants' turn to choose any song they wanted to sing. Casey James started the night with "Ok, It's Alright with Me," which was ... just alright, at best.

Crystal sang "Come to Me" by Melissa Etheridge first. I prepared to be wowed, and it was good, but not as powerful as I expected.


Lee started with "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. The judges loved it. "Round one goes to Lee," Kara concluded. Simon said he "crushed the other two".

But it was round two where Lee knocked everyone else out completely. It was the judges' turn to pick the songs for the contestants.

Casey James sang a pretty boring version of John Mayer's "Daughters." He did nothing to make me doubt he'll be eliminated this week.

For Crystal, the judges chose "Maybe I'm Amazed," which was great, and the judges liked it, but it wasn't the amazing, goosebump-inducing performance I wanted from her.

But I got my goosebumps when Lee came on and performed "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen. It was truly awesome, and he clearly found that elusive "moment."

I did feel like the judges gave him an advantage by choosing that song for him; it's just an amazing song. Not to take away from Lee's great performance, but I would love to see what Crystal could do with it as well.

If I was betting, my money would be on Lee as the final Idol, but I'm still holding out hope for Crystal.

What did you think of the American Idol performances this week?

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