Heather Locklear Just Says No to 'Celebrity Rehab' … Like a Host of Other Celebs

Dr. Drew Pinsky
Photo from VH1.com
Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew is getting turned down more than a nerd looking for a prom date these days. The latest celeb to just say no to Dr. Drew is Heather Locklear.

And she did so in no uncertain terms.

TMZ reports the show has gone after other stars like Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, and Brooke Mueller, and all of them have said no as well. In fact, the site reports that the show "doesn't have ANYONE signed on" at all.


Producers of the show say the rumors are unfounded.

"We're on track with casting," spokesperson Scott Acord told TheWrap. "/Don't know where the rumors are coming from."  

Rumors (and my personal viewing "pleasure") aside, I don't blame celebrities for not wanting to go on the show, especially if they really want help and aren't just seeking attention. If they have the money for great private treatment, then why would they go through the most painful experience of their life in front of the world?

And if they're so badly in need of help, are they really in the right frame of mind to make such a decision that they and their families may regret? Locklear has a 12-year-old daughter, Ava; I can only imagine how having her mother go through rehab on television would affect her.

Of course, if they're turning down Dr. Drew because they just don't want help, well then that's another and very sad story.

Who would you like to see on Celebrity Rehab ... if anyone?

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