'Lost' Actor Malcolm David Kelley's 911 Call Released

malcolm david kelley
Photo from ABC

ABC's Lost is making headlines for its impending series finale next Sunday; but Lost actor Malcolm David Kelley (who plays Walt) is also making the news for some trouble of his own ...


TMZ.com has released audio from a 911 call 17-year-old Kelley made last week when someone with a knife broke into his family's home where he was staying alone.

Listen to the call -- Kelley is way calmer than I ever would be in the situation!

The call cuts off at a crucial point, but don't worry: All ends well for Kelley. Cops arrived quickly at his home and then apprehended and took the suspect into custody. Some neighbors reported hearing shots: According to the sheriff's department, the police fired one bullet after the suspect pulled what police believed was a gun from his waistband. Kelley was unharmed in the incident.

Yikes! That was almost as suspenseful as a Lost episode.

Glad to hear Kelley is OK.

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