And the Winner of “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” Is …

Sandra Diaz-Twine Survivor
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Sandra Diaz-Twine, a 35-year-old mother of two, outwitted the other contestants and won $1 million and status as "Sole Survivor" in the finale of Survivor: Heroes vs. Viillians Sunday.

Though she didn't win any physical challenges on either her first traditional Survivor competition ("Pearl Island") or this Heroes vs. Villains competition, she won both overall, making her the first person to win two Survivor titles.

She told People that not winning physical competitions was part of her plan.


"That's a strategy," Diaz-Twine told People of her game play. "Look at Colby [who has won the most physical challenges in Survivor history thus far], for instance. Jeff said that he's won a lot of challenges. This round he was a weaker player because he chose to be."

"Yes, your teammates are gonna love you when you're a team and winning," she continued, "but the minute you're an individual and winning, you can't win everything, and when you lose, you're gonna go home."

She not-so-modestly declared herself the "queen of Survivor" and sported a tiara during the reunion show. She says she'll use her winnings to "pay taxes and travel to Germany"

Second runner-up, Russell Hantz, was voted as Sprint Player of the Season, which comes with a $100,000 prize, but it didn't seem to do much to make him feel better about losing.

"Sandra sucks," he told after the verdict.

Did you watch the season finale of Survivor? Were you happy Sandra won?

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