"Brothers & Sisters" Season Finale -- Whoa!

rob lowe
Photo from ABC

We all knew this was Rob Lowe's last season on Brothers & Sisters, so his death in last night's finale wasn't a surprise, although some viewers didn't see the "how" of it coming as it did. Nevertheless, there were a few other shocks in the episode ... (SPOILER ALERT!).



  • Saul reveals he's HIV positive -- a shocking revelation that occurs during the accident scene when Kevin approaches him and, bleeding, he yells, "Don't touch me! You can't!"
  • Narrow Lake, one of William Walker's secret investments, turned out to be very valuable after the discovery of the aquifer underneath. This ultimately solves the family's financial problems after the Ojai closure.

My criticism of this show in general is that NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. And yet, this episode definitely proved me wrong.

What did you think of last night's episode? What was the biggest shocker for you?

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