Lauren Graham and Peter Krause of "Parenthood" DO IT (And 3 Other TV Sibling Matchups)

Peter Krause and Lauren Graham
Photo from NBC
These are things I learned last weekend: Peter Krause's last name is pronounced Krow-zuh, and he and Lauren Graham are dating. Wowie! This explains why their rare scenes together in Parenthood crackle with so much chemistry. Sure, they play siblings on-screen, and you don't want to think of siblings smooching. But the great thing about two actors in love is that whatever they do together has an undercurrent -- you can see they like working together, and they've probably been discussing this scene, and how they'll play it, over their poached eggs and English muffins. So: Uptight Adam and Flaky Sarah on a date -- I approve.

But it got me wondering what other on-screen siblings should get together ...


Ross and Monica Geller (Friends)
What if we found out Courtney Cox and David Schwimmer were a twosome? Hmm. This show was full of various romantic combinations that tended to give us the willies. Maybe because the ensemble cast became such a close-knit group, all their pairings seemed incestuous -- so how would an off-screen pairing be any weirder?

Lindsay and Michael Bluth (Arrested Development)
How about Portia DeRossi and Jason Bateman? If you followed the series, you know they turned out not to really be twins at all -- which somehow made Lindsay want to seduce Michael. Which was weird. So it wouldn't be any weirder to find out the actors were actually in the clinch, except we love Portia and Ellen too much to even imagine it.

Marcia and Greg Brady (The Brady Bunch)
Well, Maureen McCormick and Barry Williams did make out! And you know what? For some reason, that's weird.

I suppose people from 90210 or Gossip Girl could get together, but ... I can't work up a head of giveash*t. But just lookit this cute chemistry!

What on-screen siblings do you think would make a good real-life couple? Tell us in the comments.

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