"Law & Order" Cancellation Draws Mixed Reactions

law and order
Photo from NBC

Several sources are reporting that NBC's long-running legal series, Law & Order, may be canceled for the 2010-2011 season allegedly due to low ratings. Apparently, solving the exact same crime (just in a different way!) week after week has led to a slow burnout.


Fans of the show seem to be taking the news in stride -- with most saying that while they'll miss the show, the series has definitely run its course.

The latent tragedy here, however, is that after 20 seasons on the air, Law & Order was in the running to break the record it shares with Gunsmoke as TV's longest-running drama. (Now, if that doesn't make you feel old ...) Poor ratings or not, maybe NBC should try to hold on to the show for just one more year; we'll find out on Sunday when NBC announces its official line-up for next season.

Will you be sad to see Law & Order end?

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