"American Idol" Recap: The Final 3 Contestants

michael lynche, american idol
Photo from americanidol.com
Everyone thought Casey James should go home, but that Michael Lynche would go home, and that's exactly what happened on American Idol tonight. Big Mike was eliminated, and the final three are: Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze, and Casey James.

It was even more anticlimactic because right away Casey James was sent to safety, and everyone knew Lee and Crystal weren't going home. So we just sat around for the hour waiting for Lynche to get the axe.


Bon Jovi performed and offered some relief, thankfully, with their song "Superman Tonight." And it was nice to see former Idols Fantasia Barrino and Chris Daughtry back on the stage.

Finally, at the end of the hour, Lynche was sent packing.

It seems once again that Casey James's lovely locks and good looks saved him, even though Michael Lynche's performances consistently out-shined those of James.

I hope Lynche goes on to have a successful career because while he may not have been the best this season, he really is a great singer and just such a nice guy. The shots of him kissing his daughter at the end made me teary.

What do you think of the final three?


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