Bachelorette Jen Schefft Pregnant!

Jen Schefft
Photo from Splash News
I love the way former Bachelor and Bachelorette star Jen Schefft announced her pregnancy to her husband, Chicago PR executive Joe Waterman:

"I put the tests in a Ziploc bag and rushed to the train station to pick him up after work," she tells Us Weekly. "I handed him the baggie, and he gave me a high-five! He hugged me too, of course, but we were so taken off guard."

Sweet. I broke the news of our first baby to my husband in the car as I picked him up for work too, minus the baggie of pregnancy tests. I found out earlier that day at the doctor's office.


"I was shocked. I thought it would take more time," Schefft told Us Weekly. "I took three tests because I didn't believe it was true!"

Schefft thinks it's going to be a girl and has 10 names picked out already, though she isn't spilling.

Something is definitely in the air. First Alicia Keys, then the Katie Holmes rumors, followed by Gwen Stefani, and now Schefft.

What celeb do you think they'll be whispering about next?

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