"American Idol": Who Should Replace Simon Cowell?

Photo from FOX
This week American Idol is down to its final four contestants! Simon Cowell's tenure is almost up, yet there's still no word on what will happen when this season is a wrap and he moves on to another show -- a show where he can make millions of dollars and may or may not hang out with his old pal Paula Abdul.

We're all wondering: Who's in consideration to replace Simon? Sure, he's one of a kind, but we can think of a few characters like him that could spice the place up a bit:


Naomi Campbell: She's got the same British accent, and she could really ramp it up. If she didn't like someone, she could always throw a telephone at them.

Pink: She herself has admitted that she's mean. If she calls her own husband names when she's unhappy, just think about what she could do to total strangers who sing those ridiculously lame songs week after week.

Gordon Ramsay: Clearly a man after Simon's own heart. I wonder if he could be convinced to leave the kitchen and jump ship?

Donald Trump: He's known for his outrageous hair and the ability to say outlandish things. I think that's a good combination.

Madonna: My personal pick. It would take A LOT to impress Madge, and she simply can't suffer fools. She would have those Idol contestants singing and dancing in no time.

Who would you choose to replace Simon on American Idol?

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