If the “Real Housewives” of NY and NJ Had a Play Date …

Photo from BravoTV.com
Oh happy reality TV week -- two new episodes of Real Housewives! Monday we saw the premiere of this season's New Jersey girls, and last night we visited New York, aka Bethenny's "playground."

Both are so fabulously awful/wonderful, I can't get enough. But while the two casts seem to be worlds apart, they're not. They're just a hop, skip, and a bridge or two away from one another -- so close that the two sets of housewives could ... have a play date.

I can just imagine the bonding:


Danielle and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps could discuss single life and how to nab a man with money. The Countess would surely be on Danielle's side with the whole table-flipping incident -- definitely not adequate etiquette.

Alex and Simon's boys and Teresa's girls would destroy the place, then sprinkle glitter on it.

Teresa and Kelly Bensimon both seem to be on their own planets, so they'd probably find something to chat about. And for some reason, I think Dina and her creepy cats would have a lot in common with Simon.

Bethenny and her quippy, sharp tongue would be a great banter partner for the ever-quotable matriarch Caroline: "We are as thick as thieves!" And Jill Zarin ... well, Jill could just sit back and cry at anything anyone says that will surely offend her, because that's all she seems to do lately.

New NY housewife, Sonja Morgan, and New Jersey's Jacqueline could just go for a walk, because I'm not sure why either of them is on the show anyway. And Ramona could just sit back and look dumbfounded by the whole event.

Which Housewives do you like better -- New York or New Jersey?

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