Kendra Wilkinson Fights Release of “Hardcore” Sex Tape

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Another day, another celebrity sex tape. The star of the next one rumored to be released soon for the world's voyeuristic viewing: Kendra Wilkinson.

One of Hugh Hefner's former girlfriends on The Girls Next Door and star of her own show Kendra, it's not like Wilkinson has ever shied away from the camera or sex. So I can't say I'm surprised, but I do feel bad for her now that she's going the domestic route with a husband and baby.

The tape was made before she ever appeared on reality television with an unidentified male -- not her current husband, Hank Baskett. She had just turned 18.

Wilkinson says she knew the tape was made, but trusted that the person she made it with would never release it. (Ladies, never believe "never" when it comes to sex tapes!)


The company planning to release the tape is Vivid, the same one that brought us into the bedroom of Kim Kardashian. Here's how they justify their actions:

"We know that Kendra has millions of fans and we feel that it's rare to find well-produced, hardcore footage of a star of her magnitude," said Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch. "We believe this could be our all-time bestselling celebrity tape."

Kendra is doing everything she can to fight release of the tape, and I hope she's able to. But even if she does, it's always going to be out there ... somewhere.

Do you think Kendra should be able to block the release of her sex tape?

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