"Parenthood" Gets a Second Season -- Other Shows We'd Like to See Be Saved

Photo from NBC
So last week, NBC announced that it has renewed its family dramedy Parenthood for second season, despite less than stellar ratings.

Which got me thinking -- if they can save Parenthood, why not some of the other flailing fan favorites? Herewith, a list of shows we'd save if we were the TV powers-that-be.


Chuck: Considering that this is a secret agent show (about a geeky 20-something-turned-CIA operative played by Zachary Levi), I didn't think I'd like it. But my husband is a big fan, so after watching it with him, I've come to realize that it's actually a high-energy action-comedy with lots of heart thrown in. And the show has such a strong following that there's already a raging campaign to save it -- again! It was also on the chopping block last year.

Heroes: After four seasons, yeah, Heroes is more confusing than ever. But it still manages to surprise, killing off fan favorites and turning other characters inside out. (Gotta love that Sylar.) But if you're a Heroes junkie, there may be hope. “We wrapped yesterday and the [final episode] is nowhere near a series finale,” Greg Grunberg (who plays Matt Parkman) told Entertainment Weekly. “It is cliffhanger-y and exciting, but it is nowhere near an end to a series that people are so invested in. It does not tie everything up in a neat bow ... I don’t have any doubt that the show will be back.”

Life Unexpected: A total underdog, this freshman series on the CW centers on a pair of not-quite-high school sweethearts who are reunited by the child they gave up 16 years ago when she comes looking for her birth parents. Starring Britt Robertson, Shiri Appleby, Kristoffer Polaha, and Kerr Smith, the show is a throwback to family dramas Party of Five and Seventh Heaven, sans treacle.

90210: Okay, okay, so maybe it will never reach the ribald heights of its '90s predecessor, but you gotta admit, the new 90210 has guilty pleasure written all over it -- what with the drug abuse, sexting, budding lesbian relationships, and reprises from your old school favorites, like Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling.

Which ailing TV show would you like to see saved?

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