Jon and Kate Gosselin Go to Summer School

kate gosselin
Photo from TLC
If Kate Gosselin thought she was going to have a lot of spare time on her hands after being voted off of Dancing With the Stars, she was mistaken.

In addition to getting the green light for her next television venture, a TLC show called Twist of Kate, which will also feature episodes of Kate Plus 8, Kate has another project in the works: A court-mandated parenting class.

And she's not the only one, either! The Pennsylvania judge who's working on Jon and Kate's custody case is reportedly sending BOTH of them to the course, which must be completed by June 8.



This parenting class is called "Children in the Middle," and it's a requirement for all parents involved in a custody war in Bercks County, Pennsylvania. On the agenda is a course about how parents can avoid exposing their children to loyalty conflicts. Boy, that sounds like it could be beneficial for this pair, doesn't it?

Both Jon and Kate have to attend, but thank goodness, they're not required to take the course together. Parents are encouraged to take the class separately.

Is it just me, or do Jon and Kate in a parenting class sound like it might make for a good television special?

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