"Lost" Better Start Coughing Up Some Answers ASAP

Photo from ABC

Only four episodes of Lost remain and yet STILL there are so many unanswered questions! Sure, I was touched by the *SPOILER ALERT* Sun/Jin reunion in last night's episode, but then I went right back to worrying about plot holes.

Am I in the minority when I say that I'm frustrated with the pace of the show this season?


Here are the 12 questions (and there may be more!) I absolutely need answered by the end of the show lest I implode from curiosity:

  1. Who is Jack's baby mama?
  2. How many random boats are there actually floating around the island?
  3. What the heck happened to Vincent (Walt's dog)?
  4. Why can Hurley see dead people?
  5. Where's Walt?
  6. What's up with the flash-sideways scenes?
  7. Who is the "Last Recruit" (episode title)?
  8. Is Ben good or bad?
  9. Who is "The Candidate"?
  10. How do Ben and Charles Widmore know each other?
  11. Why wasn't Kate's name written on the cave ceiling with the rest of the candidates?
  12. Why can't John Locke/The Man in Black leave the island?

Is anyone else anxious about the quickly approaching end of the show with so much still up in the air?

What question from Lost would you most likely see answered?

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