Kate Gosselin Eliminated From "Dancing With the Stars"

The Dancing With the Stars elimination on April 20 was a long, LONG time coming: Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani were voted off the show. If I were predict what this means for the future, I would say that DWTS ratings are going to plummet and I -- no longer having anything to complain write about -- am most likely out of a job ...


But lucky (or unlucky?) for me, reality shows starring Gosselin and her brood are apparently a dime a dozen.

All joking aside, the point of the show is to eliminate the weakest dancer, and in this case, the correct choice was made. Gosselin's weepy interview at the end of the show made me like her a little more, and Tony was unbelievably classy in complimenting her and her *ahem* effort.

The show must go on -- somehow. Speaking of, should we discuss how Pam Anderson (love her!) ended up in the bottom two? She usually does so well; what's going on here?

What did you think of last night's elimination? Will you watch DWTS now that Gosselin is gone?


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