"The Bachelor" Winner Shayne Lamas Gets Married in Vegas

Shayne Lamas
Photo by Splash News
Here I thought that marriage was a union of two people who were in love. Silly me.

Shayne Lamas has found marriage-worthy love twice. Once being on season 12 of the reality show The Bachelor and, after that engagement shockingly didn't work out, she has now married a guy in Vegas. Who she's known for a day.


TMZ reports that she met Nik Richie (the guy behind TheDirty.com) in Sin City and sometime within the following 24 hours, they fell so much in love that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

Sigh. True love at its drunken best. Or publicity-stunted best. 

Let's take bets now ... how long do you think this marriage will last?



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