"Ugly Betty" Over? 5 Shows to Fill the Hole

Ugly Betty Finale
Photo from ABC
Last week was the very last episode of Ugly Betty. Of course, there are rumors of a movie in the works … but that could take years and could be as disappointing as Sex and the City. (I have high hopes for you, SATC 2!) If you're hopelessly jonesing for more Betty, here are five shows that might fill the Ferrera-shaped hole in your heart.


If you loved the imperious bitchiness of Wilhelmina, you should watch: RuPaul's Drag Race (Logo)
Fierce! Tall! Gorgeous! You can't even tell which one we're talking about, can you? When it comes to Miss Americas with tiaras slightly askew, you'll get your fill with this drag-queen reality competition in which competing divas vie for the blessing of the ultimate Prada-wearing devil.

If you loved the parade of fashion dos and don'ts, you should watch:
Desperate Housewives (ABC)
Whether you loved and imitated Betty's signature style (personally, I feel I'd rock a Guadalajara poncho!) or just enjoyed the rest of the staff's style, you'll get fashion satisfaction from this Sunday-night soap. Outfits are pegged to personalities just as they were on Sex and the City -- serious eye-candy.

If you loved seeing nerds on TV, you should watch: The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
It was like a weekly affirmation, seeing a TV mirror reflect back our awkward, unkempt selves (or maybe that's just me) instead of the endless parade of perfection on other shows. Now who will celebrate the left-of-center? How about this sitcom about brilliant scientist roommates having trouble with real-world social interaction?

If you loved a strong Latina main character, you should watch: Modern Family (ABC)
Okay, so she's not as complex a character -- it's a sitcom, after all -- but you have to love Gloria, the young, hot, Colombian wife of Jay, the Pritchett family patriarch. She's played by Sofia Vergara, a megastar of the Latino world, one of the few becoming a real crossover success. Also? She's hilarious.

If you loved seeing a magazine as a TV-show backdrop, you should watch: Old episodes of Just Shoot Me (Netflix)
Enough with the police procedural and hospital dramas! Yuck! Too many strangled corpses, not enough laffs and cocktail parties. Alas, there's no alternative magazine world on TV just now. But you can rent this classic sitcom from the '90s, featuring Laura San Giacomo as a hard-boiled journalist forced to work at her dad's glossy mag, also featuring David Spade, Wendie Malick, and the I'm-sorry-but-he's-super-hot Enrico Colantoni (also Veronica Mars' dad).

What will you watch now that Ugly Betty is over?

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