Sonja Morgan: Why Is There a New NY Housewife?

sonja morgan real housewives of new york
Photo from Bravo TV

Last night Sonja Morgan (pictured left) joined the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City. And, I want to know: Why?


As an ardent Housewives fan -- don't judge -- I know all too well that a new Housewife is a red herring. Especially so far along in the season. If often means (gasp!) that another Housewife is leaving.

Remember when Jo De La Rosa left TRH of Orange County and then new Housewife Tamra joined the cast? And, when Lauri left during Season 4, the show introduced Lynne mid-season to compensate for her departure. Do you sense a pattern of Housewife comings and goings? Or am I just making this up in my head?

The New York City cast seemed intact -- and cattier than ever -- in last night's episode. Therefore, it's very possible that single mom Morgan is an addition rather than a replacement. And, rumor is yet another Housewife -- Jennifer Gilbert -- will be joining later on as well. Hopefully, my obsessive worrying about future departures is for naught.

What do you think about Sonja Morgan joining the show?

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